Team PED Swap Stethoscopes for Sweatbands

The staff at the Paediatric Emergency Department (PED) at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital have set themselves challenges themed around the number 72 to complete throughout August.

While some are running or cycling 72 miles or kilometres over the course of the month, others have set themselves daily challenges such as 72 squats or 72 sit ups.

PED’s Modern Matron Sue Rothwell said: “Although the actual challenge you choose is a solo activity, it’s really brought us together as a team – everyone taking part encourages each other and we’re always sending updates and photos to the WhatsApp group we’ve set up for it.

“Of course we don’t do any of it on the ward or during work, so some people have been getting up really early to get their challenge in before their shift starts.

“It’s really pleasing that so many people have jumped at the chance to take part.”

While a lot of the challenges are exercise-based, some are aimed at becoming healthier both physically and mentally. One fundraiser has set herself the task of drinking 72 litres of water throughout the month while another team member is making 72 “little bags of happiness” to gift to people who might benefit from a mood boost.

Sue, whose challenge is to do a different 72-themed activity every day, said: “It’s really lovely seeing all the pictures everyone has taken of their challenges.

“Someone started a #SprogsandDogs hashtag on the WhatsApp chat so there are a LOT of cute pictures of children and pets wearing their Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity T-shirt…..even a snake got involved.

“We set up the fundraising page in the hope we’d raise £7,200 but we smashed through the halfway mark in the first week and we’re almost at our target now which is incredible. The support we’ve had from our own families and the families of our patients has been wonderful and we’re so please lots of supporters have got behind what we’re doing.”

Georgia Sleigh, one of the Charity’s Community Fundraising Officers, said: “Team PED have done a fantastic job and seeing all their photographs has been lovely.

“There might be a few achy legs at the end of the month, but they’ll know it’s been worth it for a cause close to their hearts.”