Get Inspired – £72for72

What challenge could you take on? We’ve collected some ideas below.

Bake 72 cakes or cookies and sell them to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours – from a social distance of course!

Hop on the spot for 7.2 minutes

Run, walk, cycle, hike, swim or row 7.2 or even 72 km or miles

Take on a shared challenge of a virtual 72 km or mile relay with family, friends or colleagues

Give it up! What can you give up for £72for72 – donate the money you save or why not ask people to sponsor you?

Zumba, HIIT sessions and yoga are all amazing ways to get fit and healthy while fundraising. Get your colleagues, friends and family together to organise a virtual exercise class. 72 minutes of fun – ask for fee to enter

Get rid of all your unwanted items while raising money for charity. Can you find 72 items to sell on an online auction site?

Dust off your dancing shoes, turn up the music and get your friends and family together for a virtual disco. Can you dance for 72 minutes or 7.2 hours?!

Guess the weight… sell virtual tickets to guess the weight of a jar of 72 sweets!

Take on a sponsored silence for 7.2 hours

Step it up with 7,200 steps in a day or 72,000 steps in a week – choose any step count challenge you like

Host a 72-hour live stream or gaming session

Climb 72 flights of stairs

Get sponsored to take on a fun 72 eating challenge. Can you eat 7 crackers without water? How about 72 beans in 72 seconds with a toothpick?

Organise a 72-minute group meditation session with your friends and colleagues virtually and ask for a donation to charity instead of your usual class fee. Relax and participate in some yoga or mindfulness.

Dressing up possibilities are endless from film characters to evening wear, funny hats and hilarious outfits! Get creative and do 7 outfits in an hour, or a different out each day for a week. Get your friends and colleagues to have fun and dress up with a donation to take part. You could have awards for best dressed or most creative costume.