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Legacy Giving FAQs

  • Legacy Giving
    • Why do I need a Will?

      If you die without having made a Will, your property, money and possessions will be divided according to the law rather than your wishes. Everyone should make a Will at some point in their life but it is especially important if you have a family.

      If you do have a Will, it’s important to keep it up to date. If your family circumstances or your wishes change then it is important to update your Will to reflect this. You don’t need to write a new Will to do this; you can add a codicil to your existing one. You can request a codicil form by emailing Siobhan.mckeever@mft.nhs.uk.

    • How do I make or update a Will?

      We always recommend writing a will with an expert. We have partnered with A Will for Good from Bequeathed who offer a free will writing service.

      Whether you need to write a Will for the first time or update an existing Will, we always recommend seeking advice from a solicitor. You can find a local solicitor at lawsociety.org.uk in England and Wales or lawscot.org.uk in Scotland.  You can also find out more about Will-writing by ordering our Legacy Guide.

      There are also a number of alternative Will-writing providers available. Deciding how to make your Will is a personal decision and depends on what service you are comfortable using.

    • Why are gifts in Wills important to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity?

      Gifts in Wills provide on average 25% of our income.

      They enable us to enhance the excellent treatment, research and care our 1.6 million patients benefit from each year. Gifts can provide specialist equipment to make sure our incredible staff have the very best resources to treat their patients. They can help improve the clinical environment to make our hospitals as patient and family friendly as possible. And they can fund vital research to improve our understanding of illnesses and develop treatments for future generations.

    • How do I leave a gift in my Will?

      If you would like to leave a gift in your Will to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity, you will need to include our registered charity name and number. Please note that Manchester Foundation Trust Charity is registered with the Charity Commission as Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Charity.

      Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Charity

      Citylabs 1.0

      Nelson Street


      M13 9NQ

      Charity Number: 1049274

      Your solicitor will be able to advise you on how best to include a gift in your Will. There is also some suggested wording in our Legacy Guide which you can order or download here

    • Can I leave a gift to a specific hospital or department?

      It is preferable that gifts in Wills are left to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity to be used in the area of greatest need when they are received. This means we are always able to use gifts to benefit our patients.

      However, we understand that patients and their relatives have a strong connection to the hospital or even department within our Trust that they received care from.  We are able to direct gifts to any individual hospital and in some cases specific departments or areas of research.

      If you have a specific area in mind to include in your Will and would like to check whether this is possible, please do get in touch with Siobhan McKeever in our legacy team by email or by calling 0161 701 6241.

    • What kind of gift can I leave?

      Gifts to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity in your Will can be in one of the following forms:

      Residuary Bequest – a gift of all or a percentage of the value of your estate once all other gifts have been made. Even a gift of 1% of your residual estate can make a huge difference

      Pecuniary Bequest – a gift of a fixed sum of money. This can also be index linked if you would like to preserve its value over time

      Specific Bequest – a gift of a specific item, for example a piece of jewellery.

      If you have more complex gifts you would like to leave then a solicitor can advise on the best way to do this.

    • Do I need to let Manchester Foundation Trust Charity know I have included it in my Will?

      You are not obliged to share details of your future plans with us and we appreciate that your Will is a personal and private document that you may not wish to discuss.

      If you do want to let us know, we’d love to hear from you.  If we know you have left a gift in your Will, we can thank you and let you know how much we appreciate such a generous gesture.  If you wish, we can also keep you updated with the latest projects donations have funded to show you the impact your gift will have in future.

      Knowing that supporters have pledged gifts in their Wills also allows us to look to the future, confident that we will have a source of income to support our patients for years to come.

      If you have left a gift in your Will to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity then please do let us know by emailing Siobhan.mckeever@mft.nhs.uk or calling 0161 701 6241.

    • Can I still leave a gift in my Will if my estate won’t be worth very much?

      You might be surprised about your wealth, especially if you own your own home. However, leaving a gift in your Will is about so much more than its monetary value.  Your Will is an opportunity to reflect causes that have been important to you during your life and to continue supporting them after you are gone.

    • Will leaving a gift to charity in my Will change how much inheritance tax is due?

      Gifts in your Will can reduce your inheritance tax liability as charitable gifts do not count towards the taxable value of your estate. If you have questions about your tax liability, a financial advisor or solicitor can advise you.

      Following changes to inheritance tax regulation on 6th April 2012, if you leave 10% or more of your estate to a charity, you’ll be taxed at a lower rate (36% rather than 40%) on any part of your estate that qualifies for inheritance tax.

    • How do I access the Bequeathed Will For Good service?

      With Bequeathed you can make a start on your Will For Good immediately. Just go online any time that suits you and follow the simple steps to create your draft Will.  You will receive a free 30-minute appointment with a member of staff from a partner legal firm.  At this point, you may be advised that your circumstances mean that a simple Will is not appropriate for you and your family.  You will then be able to choose how to proceed.

      The Will for Good process is simple:

      1. Take the online Will interview, with support and guidance available throughout the process.
      2. Bequeathed transfer your answers, as well as the Will our system creates from them, to your chosen legal firm.
      3. Attend a 30-minute appointment, via telephone or video call, at-home or in-office. The firm will discuss your situation and your wishes and confirm the Will fully caters for your needs.
      4. Receive your free Will For Good in the post, sign it in front of witnesses and return it to the legal firm. They will check it has been executed correctly and securely store it for you, also at no cost.

      Visit Bequeathed now to start making your Will.

If you have any other query, get in touch with us

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