Number of Mental Health First Aiders Doubles with NHS Charities Together Support

With the help and support of NHS Charities Together we’ve been able to train an additional 64 Mental Health First Aiders.

Drag Queens Take On “Dragseil” For Children’s Hospital

THEY might be accustomed to towering stilettos and gigantic wigs, but that’ll be nothing compared to the dizzying heights of the 19-storey abseil these Manchester drag queens are facing.

Barbecue Burn Inspires Fundraising Challenge

A YOUNG boy’s harrowing barbecue accident which left him temporarily unable to walk and in need of a skin graft has inspired a fundraising campaign.

Teen’s 10-Hour Sailing Challenge

A YOUNGSTER who loves nothing more than a trip out on the water will be taking on the biggest endurance challenge of her life this month.