Tony’s Fundraising Blooms in Memory of his Wife

Wednesday 26 August 2015

Tony Greaves from Sale has raised over £3,300 for the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre at Trafford General Hospital in memory of his late wife, Carol. The centre offers a warm and relaxed environment for people affected by cancer or other life limiting illnesses in their time of need.

Green-fingered Tony decided to use his passion for making hanging baskets to raise money for his local centre after his wife Carol passed away from lung cancer in 2013. Carol was diagnosed in 2012 following a chest x-ray, unfortunately the cancer had spread to her brain and despite having an operation to remove it the cancer returned and she sadly died in April 2013.

Following her death, in 2014, retired gardening enthusiast Tony was asked to make a hanging basket by one of his former colleagues at Kelloggs but said that he just didn’t have the time. When his colleague then suggested that Tony made them for charity instead he felt he couldn’t say no!

Since then there’s been no stopping the keen gardener making 79 baskets in 2014 and more than doubling the amount this year. The beautiful creations made up of flowers including lobelia, fuchsias and trailing begonias are so popular that Tony already has 40 orders in place for next year!

Friends order their baskets in advance with Tony buying the plants, soil and feed to then make up the baskets, working off a table he has set up down the side of his house. Charging £25 per basket he has in total raised £3,385 after amazing himself by raising £1,013 in 2014.

Tony says that the baskets, which bloom from May to September, are well looked after by their owners, believing that people tend to look after them more than supermarket bought baskets due to them being sold for charity.

Tony and ex-colleagues from Kellogg’s also recently arranged a charity cricket match at Urmston Cricket Club which raised an additional £505 for the Wellbeing Centre.

Tony comments:

“I love creating the baskets as it really puts smiles on other people’s faces, its great being able to see photos of them in people’s gardens. I would like to thank Kiwi Nurseries in Sale along with Kelloggs for all of their support.  It’s really enjoyable creating something which really benefits the charity.”

Angela Rowe, Community Fundraising Manager for Trafford Hospital Charity, added:

“Growing hanging baskets to raise money for such an important local centre is such a lovely initiative. You can tell Tony genuinely enjoys taking the time to create the beautiful baskets which have proved so popular with the Sale community! We are always so grateful for those who decide to fundraise for Trafford hospitals and their services, Tony’s help means that the Macmillan Wellbeing Centre can continue to provide the very best services for those it looks after.”

The support of the Trafford Hospitals Charity means that the hospital can provide additional resources that make life easier for patients and their families who use the hospital.

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