UBV cabinet for phototherapy

The Dermatology Department at Wythenshawe Hospital currently has one UVB cabinet, which is used for phototherapy treatment for patients with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, or renal and liver problems which can cause itchy skin conditions. The cabinet treats both children and adults, and hugely improves their quality of life by getting uncomfortable and […]

Enhancing the environment for dementia patients cared for in Opal House

Opal House is a 41 bedded unit at Wythenshawe Hospital that provides care for patients who no longer need acute care, but who need to regain their strength and improve their independence prior to discharge. Many patients using the unit have dementia, and require activities throughout the day to stimulate and distract them. We would […]

Providing pet therapy to patients with dementia – Precious Petzz project

Patients that suffer from cognitive impairment, including dementia or delirium, can find hospital a very frightening, stressful place. The presence of pets has been proven to calm and soothe these patients, but as it isn’t practical for hospital wards to have animals on them, we want to equip our dementia Team at Wythenshawe Hospital with […]

Remote monitoring for patients with gestational diabetes

The diabetes antenatal service within Saint Mary’s Hospital provides care for over 1,200 women a year with gestational diabetes – high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. These women are required to test their blood sugars between 4 and 7 times a day, and the results are monitored through clinic visits and telephone consultations. Around 65% […]