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Gynaecological cancer transition for patients at Saint Mary’s Hospital

Saint Mary’s Hospital’s Gynaecological Oncology Service is a recognised centre of excellence for the surgical management of gynaecological cancers. Patients will be transferred from hospitals and centres across the North of England for specialist treatment, and many patients find their first appointments daunting – through both fear relating to their condition, and uncertainty about an unfamiliar hospital.

These existing worries, plus the huge amount of information that a patient has to take in at their consultation, means that this first visit to the hospital can be overwhelming.

When a patient is relaxed, they are able to understand and retain more information relating to their treatment, and they are also more likely to be receptive to information regarding clinical trials available to them.

To support this, we would like to develop and evaluate a series of informative videos which will be available to patients and their families in the home setting, prior to their first consultation at Saint Mary’s Hospital. It is hoped that this will reduce pre-appointment anxiety and therefore allow patients to focus more on the clinical issues being discussed at their appointment. We also intend to provide patients with information about clinical trials prior to their consultation, which would be likely to increase participation, and further improve clinical outcomes for patients now and in the future.

To fund this project we need to raise £16,850.

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