Saint Mary's Hospital Charity

Provision of a second bereavement suite, at Wythenshawe Hospital’s Maternity Unit

Pregnancy and childbirth should be a time for excitement and joy, but sadly not all parents get to experience this. Instead, they suffer the physical and emotional trauma of baby loss through miscarriage, still birth or neonatal death.

At present, we have one Snowdrop Bereavement Suite, which provides a peaceful and private environment for parents at their time of need. However sadly, when more than one family is admitted at a time, there is currently no other option than for them to be cared for on the regular delivery suite, sharing facilities with other pregnant women, causing further distress. With your help, we want to raise funds to design and develop a second dedicated Snowdrop Suite. The new suite will be specially equipped to offer one to one care, pain relief, and a caring, safe environment to ensure that the women and their partners feel completely supported during this devastating and life changing time. A welcoming and comfortable room will allow families to spend precious time with their child, creating memories and providing a safe space to come to terms with their loss, away from the busy maternity area.

To fund this project we need to raise £150,000.

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