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Remote monitoring for patients with gestational diabetes

The diabetes antenatal service within Saint Mary’s Hospital provides care for over 1,200 women a year with gestational diabetes – high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. These women are required to test their blood sugars between 4 and 7 times a day, and the results are monitored through clinic visits and telephone consultations. Around 65% of these women have to update the diabetes antenatal team with their results once or twice a week, which is very time consuming for both the mother-to-be and the clinical team.

To make this process more efficient, accessible and streamlined, we would like to provide our patients with a smartphone app, through which they can log and view their readings. These will be monitored remotely by the antenatal team, and those with high readings will be flagged by the system, enabling the clinical team to give more attention towards the women who need additional care and support, and avoiding unnecessary additional phone calls or hospital visits between regular appointments for the women whose readings are within the target.

To fund this project we need to raise £4,500.

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