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Brilliant Masks Launches Face Coverings Partnership With Charity

Thursday 04th February 2021

Brilliant Masks, whose Manchester made face-coverings are designed by doctors and tested to the highest industry and infection control standards, have partnered with Manchester Foundation Trust Charity to raise funds for regional hospitals.

100% UK made, the new range of coverings, which include a Humphrey bear design, will give back to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity to fund vital treatment, research and care projects in hospitals across Greater Manchester.

Clinicians and innovators have teamed up with Brilliant Masks to launch what is believed to be one of the UK’s leading non-medical face coverings. New designs in collaboration with Manchester Foundation Trust Charity are being launched this week with a contribution from each sale going to the NHS charity.

John Thomson

Brilliant Masks, which launched in September, have been designed and tested to the toughest industry health and infection standards. The new cloth face coverings are intended to be one of the best in the market in terms of comfort, breathability, fit and protection.

Sustainably sourced and with a transparent and traceable supply chain, Brilliant Masks are manufactured from start to finish in the UK and are printed using toxic-free Greenprinted™️ Technology.

They have been designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety. The masks are made of super soft 400 thread Supima cotton and have an anti-viral coating tested against COVID-19.

They are fully washable, easy to iron and reusable. The new designs supporting Manchester Foundation Trust Charity’s family of hospitals are available to buy now

Priced at £11.99, every Brilliant Mask sold from this collection will see a contribution of £1.40 made to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity and could raise tens of thousands of pounds for vital treatment, research and care projects at the Charity’s family of hospitals, including Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. One of the designs even has a child-friendly design on – the hospital’s green bear mascot Humphrey.

Brilliant Masks, who are already producing more than 30,000 masks a month, are aiming to become regarded as the nation’s leading non-medical face covering as it encourages UK families in the region to opt for high-quality face coverings to protect against the transmission of COVID-19.

“We are proud to be able to partner with Brilliant Masks, who will help us raise vital funds for the treatment, research and care projects we fund across our hospitals in Manchester and Trafford,” said Rachel Laycock, Senior Corporate Fundraising Manager at Manchester Foundation Trust Charity.

“The money raised from the sale of these masks will help us to make a difficult time easier for patients at our hospitals, at what can be a very emotional and daunting time. We support projects which benefit our patients and their families, particularly when they have long or frequent stays in hospital.

“It is also great to support the North West manufacturing industry during these challenging times and we are delighted to have partnered with Brilliant Masks, close to us here in Manchester. We hope that sales of this mask will not only benefit the hospital but employment in the region.”

Michael Conway, Founder of Brilliant Masks, said: “We’re delighted to be able to team up with Manchester Foundation Trust Charity to launch these new Brilliant Masks designs and we hope the region really gets behind them. With a percentage of the price going to the charity, people can ensure they’re also supporting high impact NHS projects in the region, including at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

“Brilliant Masks are a leading light in face coverings now, they are a truly traceable, eco-friendly product. From the field where the cotton for your mask was grown, to the factories in the UK where it was spun, woven into high-quality fabric and printed with its fun designs, the environment has been taken into account.

“With a low carbon footprint and excellent eco-credentials, by choosing one of these masks, people are helping keep our planet free of single-use plastic waste which ends up in our oceans or landfill, whilst also supporting regional NHS projects and limiting the spread of COVID-19,” concluded Michael.

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