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Gifts in Wills

A Gift to make a world of difference. A legacy to be proud of.

A gift in your Will can change the lives of our patients right here in Manchester. Together, we can develop world-leading care, and provide specialist treatment to those who need it most.

Your gift could also make a difference to patients much further afield. Thanks to our world-leading research and internationally-renowned clinicians, work carried out here in Manchester can have a national and even global impact.

By supporting Manchester Foundation Trust Charity with a gift in your Will, you can make a tangible difference to the healthcare that matters to you.


How to Leave a Gift in Your Will

We understand that including our Charity in your Will is a decision that requires careful consideration and that writing or updating your Will can seem daunting.

That’s why we’ve put together a free step-by-step guide with all the information you will need to leave a gift in your Will as well as inspiring stories to show the incredible difference your gift will make.

Gifts in Wills are incredibly important as they fund cutting-edge research, purchase the most up-to-date equipment and refurbish spaces within our hospitals. Even a gift of 1% of your estate will make a real difference and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. You can request your free guide below or contact our legacy team on 0161 276 45222.

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Manchester Foundation Trust Charity

Our Legacy Promise to You

We know that your family and friends come first. We promise to treat you and your loved ones with sensitivity, respect and compassion.

We value all the gifts that are left to us. Nothing is too big or small – your gift will help us make a world of difference.

  • We will use your gift efficiently and effectively, so that it has the greatest impact.
  • You have the right to change your mind about leaving a gift in your Will at any time and we will respect your decision.
Manchester Foundation Trust Charity

Our Free Wills Service

Although it is important that everyone has an up-to-date Will, we know  there can be financial barriers to getting a Will written.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Bequeathed and their A Will For Good scheme.

This scheme allows you to write your Will for free with Bequeathed’s in-house legal team, who can support you along your Will writing journey and give you all the information you need.

There is no obligation to include Manchester Foundation Trust Charity in your Will should you use this service, but we do hope you will consider leaving us a gift in your Will. It would mean the world to our patients and families across Manchester.

You could leave a legacy to be proud of.

“I am overjoyed that this is my mother’s legacy, a legacy that she would be proud of.”

Penelope’s Legacy

A wartime plea from the staff at our children’s Hospital saved Penelope’s life. Inspired, she would begin a career in nursing right here in Manchester. Penelope was dedicated to caring for poorly children throughout her life, and even in death, through the kind gift in her Will left for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. Her daughter, Lady Katharine Bryan, shares her story.

Read Penelope’s story

Manchester Foundation Trust Charity


See all FAQs

To leave a gift in your Will to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity you will need our full registered name, address and Charity number:

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Charity
Citylabs 1.0
Maurice Watkins Building
Nelson Street
M13 9NQ
Registered Charity 1049274

Our free Wills service is provided by Bequeathed. You can visit their website here to start the process of writing your Will.

Find out more.

Manchester Foundation Trust Charity in an umbrella charity that supports every hospital and service within our Trust. Therefore, even though the gift in your Will will be paid to our overarching charity, your gift can still be directed to your chosen hospital or area of work. In order to make sure we can fulfil your wishes in years to come, we suggest not restricting your gift any further than hospital or medical area. If you have any questions on how you can best support the area of healthcare that means the most to you, please contact our team on 0161 276 4522.

If you need to pay in a gift from someone else’s estate, then please get in touch with our team on 0161 276 4522 or Before we receive donations from Wills, it is important we see a copy of the Will or the section of the Will that refers to the gift. This is so we can make sure we are the correct beneficiary and we can allocate the gift in a way that fulfils the wishes as set out in the Will. Once we have checked the details, we will provide our banking details.

If you have any questions on how your clients can support our Charity, please contact our team who will be happy to send you our Charity details and explain how gifts to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity support our family of hospitals.

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