Legacy Giving

Your Will allows you to make sure your loved ones are cared after you are gone. Once you’ve taken care of your family, a gift in your Will could help us take care of ours for years to come.

Gifts in Wills are vital to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity. Gifts in Wills from our generous donors have provided over a quarter of our family of hospital’s income over the last ten years.

From funding cutting-edge equipment, projects to make our hospital a more patient-friendly environment and research to improve our understanding of illness, they help us make sure our patients receive the very best treatment and care; and that their families feel welcome and supported.

Leaving a gift in your Will can seem complicated or daunting and this often puts people off supporting us in this way. We’ve put together some simple information to show just how straightforward leaving a gift in your Will to one of our hospitals can be.

  1. Wills are important

Firstly, every adult should have a Will because should you die without having made one, your property, money and possessions will be divided according to the law rather than your wishes. A Will is your opportunity to make sure your loved ones are provided for.

If you do have a Will, it’s important to keep it up to date. If your family circumstances or your wishes change then it is important to update your Will to reflect this. You don’t need to write a new Will to do this; your solicitor can update your existing one.

  1. It doesn’t matter how much your estate is worth

A Will is about so much more than simply dividing your assets. It is an opportunity to reflect on causes that have been important to you during your life, share them with others and to continue supporting them after you are gone.

Even if you don’t think your estate will be worth much, any gift you leave will have an impact.  Every year the gifts we receive from Wills combine to provide a quarter of our income on average.

  1. Leaving a gift in your Will does not make your Will more complicated

To leave a gift in your Will to charity you just need its name, address and charity number.

A gift to one of our hospitals can be left to Manchester Foundation Trust Charity:

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Charity
CityLabs 1.0
Maurice Watkins Building
Nelson Street
M13 9NQ

Registered Charity No. 1049274

Your solicitor can also include wording to reflect which hospital you want to support.  We can even direct your gift to a specific ward or department that is special to you and your family.  You may have been treated by one of our hospitals yourself or want to say thank you for the care a loved one has received.

  1. Leaving a gift in your Will doesn’t mean you can’t provide for your loved ones

A popular way of including a charity in a Will is to leave a residuary gift.  This is a share of what is left of your estate once all other legacies have been paid.  Even a 1% share of your estate can make a big difference and amount to a significant gift.

For more information on how you can leave a gift in your Will to one of our hospitals, please order a copy of our Legacy Guide or visit our FAQ’s.

Alternatively, you can contact Siobhan McKeever on 0161 701 6241, email Siobhan.mckeever@mft.nhs.uk for an informal chat or to ask any questions you have.