Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Charity


Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. Globally acknowledged as a centre of excellence, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is renowned for its pioneering work in all aspects of ophthalmology, including patient care, surgery and education.

The work we do:

• The hospital provides an extensive range of eye services for both adults and children across the North West and beyond. Our doctors, nurses and scientists provide the highest standards of care in a vast number of areas including Ophthalmology, Electrodiagnosis, Optometry and Orthoptics as well as the Emergency Eye Centre and the Manchester Eye Bank and Ocular Prosthetics.

• Our scientists and clinicians at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital also carry out research projects that may become the medical breakthroughs of tomorrow, directly impacting the lives of others by improving their ability to see, a gift that most of us are able to take for granted each day.

One particular example of this is a pioneering trial on the electric epiretinal prothesis, so called the ‘bionic eye’ by the press, which is being supported by charitable funding from Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Charity. This trial is led by Mr Paulo E Stanga, a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreoretinal Surgeon at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

This effort is part of a cutting-edge international trial of the artificial retina, which is intended to help some blind people regain a degree of vision with one patient being able to identify letters on a computer monitor and read some short words. The Manchester patients are three of only 32 people worldwide, under the care of 11 different consultants across the globe, to participate in the trial to date.

This year the eye hospital is celebrating 200 hundred years of care, and we are hoping to raise £1,000 for every year of the hospitals heritage.  Money raised will go towards supporting children's genetics and eye disease. 

By supporting our bicentenary appeal you could help us to:

  • Make the children's outpatient clinic more child and family friendly
  • Provide specialist equipment to improve diagnosis and treatment
  • Support innovative research to lead the way and help future patients 

To find out more about our bicententary appeal and projects we are currently fundraising for click here.