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Our family of hospitals depend on charitable support, and every day our supporters help us to make a difference for our patients, young and old.

Discover the impact we make with your help and support.

“Nothing prepares you for the shock”

– Charlene, Ava’s Mum

Ava LeBlanc

At just two years old, Ava was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumour. She underwent gruelling treatments and surgery after surgery, but the tumour kept growing back. Ava will remain a long-term patient at our children’s hospital, but we can help to improve the experience for patients like her with new specialist iMRI equipment.

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Danny Grimshaw

Marathon-runner, gym-goer Danny never thought that he’d be victim to a heart condition. At the age of forty-one, his life was flipped upside down with a life-altering diagnosis that required him to undergo a triple heart bypass. Wythenshawe Hospital’s doctors and nurses on the Coronary Care Unit went above and beyond for Danny, providing the highest level of care from the day of his diagnosis to the day he went back home to his family.

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Jo Walton

When fifty-four-year-old Jo’s flu-like symptoms turned into a rare immune condition, she was shocked. After being urgently transferred into hospital, Jo found herself critically ill in an unfamiliar environment. Distressed and frightened, Jo found comfort and safety in the expert staff team at Manchester Royal Infirmary who went above and beyond for her during the entirety of her hospital stay.

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“Charlie always keeps us on our toes.”

– Becci Barrow, Charlie’s Mum

Charlie Drinkwater

Six year-old Charlie is a lifelong patient at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital and has a combination of complicated medical conditions that mean she often stops breathing and goes into cardiac arrest. Her parents Becci and Andrew have learned to always be ready to perform CPR.

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Ben and Cath

Last year, Ben and Cath went through the unimaginable and lost their little boy Arlo. Faced with a grief that no parent should have to experience, they received support from Saint Mary’s Hospital’s specialist bereavement service. Thanks to expert staff and facilities funded by our Charity, Ben and Cath were able to create special memories with Arlo in a safe and supportive environment.

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