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Manchester Foundation Trust Charity

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation (R&I) at MFT is at the cutting-edge of healthcare research, innovation, and life sciences in the UK. 

R&I is conducted across MFT hospitals and local care organisations, covering general care and hospital specialisms, including; emergency care, respiratory disease, cancer, cardiology care, musculoskeletal disorders, genomics, women’s health and pregnancy, children’s health, eye, and dental health, supported by more than more than 600 specialist staff.

The team aim to give as many people as possible the opportunity to influence, design, and take part in clinical research and innovation studies, and MFT research participants are regularly the first-in-the-UK, and often the first-in-the-world, to trial new treatments and procedures.

Nearly 1,500 research studies are currently running and every year recruit around 20,000 research participants from across the globe in order to translate the best scientific breakthroughs into practical tests and treatments that are revolutionising medicine and clinical care.

Learn more about how your support can have an impact for Research and Innovation and the hospitals and services across our trust.


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