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Bicentenary Appeal

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

Bicentenary Appeal

In 2014, we were delighted to help our Manchester Royal Eye Hospital celebrate 200 years of dedicated specialist care. To mark two centuries of world-class, pioneering work, we launched the Bicentenary Appeal. The appeal aimed to raise £200,000 – £1,000 for every year of the hospital’s heritage – to help support the paediatric ophthalmic unit at the hospital and their mission to be a leading and innovative centre for children’s eye care.

Fundraising Highlights

• The appeal was off to a roaring start when former footballer Michael Owen ran the London Marathon to raise money for a number of charities, including the Bicentenary Appeal.

• A special exhibition opened in the atrium of Manchester Royal Eye Hospital celebrating 200 years of excellence.

Visitors to the Hospital saw a range of diverse artworks designed by Lime Arts, highlighting the changing nature of diagnosing and treating eye conditions through the years. Wall panels will show imagery of cataract surgery from the 19th Century to today, retina images from different cultures, images of the eye, the changing face of the hospital and much more.

• Consultant Ophthalmologist Nicholas Jones wrote a book which detailed the history of the hospital.

Entitled “Manchester Royal Eye Hospital 1814-2014: An Inside View”, the hardback book tells the story of the creation of The Manchester Institution for Curing Diseases of the Eye, inaugurated on Trafalgar Day 1814, right up to 2014, with all proceeds being donated to the appeal.

How the appeal benefitted our patients

Focusing on our core tenets of support excellence in treatment, research and care within our family of hospitals, numerous improvements were made to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Services.

The Children’s Outpatient Clinic more became more child and family friendly

The previously existing paediatric clinics, reception and waiting areas were very clinical looking and could be intimidating to our younger patients. We were able to transform those existing facilities into unique patient-focussed areas that better reflected the age and condition of the patients treated there. This included introducing a textured and tactile environment appropriate for children and young people who are visually impaired.

Recruitment of a Children’s Eye Clinic Liaison Officer

The provision of this specialist post provided much needed support to patients and their families at a critical time – when a child is diagnosed with a serious eye condition. This service enhanced the care we are able to offer our patients beyond diagnosis through specific counselling and working with social services, schools and the wider community.

Provided state-of-the-art equipment to improve diagnosis in children

The Appeal was able to fund state-of-the-art equipment which helps diagnose young patients faster and improves our understanding of the retinal structure. This means patients receive a more personalised approach to diagnosis and their treatment.

Provided specialist equipment to enhance clinical and research excellence in eye care

The Appeal was also able to provide equipment that significantly improved diagnosis of inherited eye diseases, making it much less invasive for patients. It also enabled our researchers to better understand the genetic basis of eye disease and offer the potential for enhanced treatments.

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