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Enhancing the environment of the Neonatal Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital

Having a new-born baby, particularly a pre-term baby, admitted to the Neonatal Unit is an anxious time for any parent. When the Unit itself is overly clinical and unwelcoming, it can cause added distress.

At Saint Mary’s Hospital on Oxford Road, the recent renovations to the New-born Intensive Care Unit have positively impacted on the experience of our families, and we want to do the same to the Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital.

The Neonatal Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital is a 19 cot unit, and babies can often be treated on the unit for many months at a time. Currently, the Unit’s reception area is situated away from the front doors and the clinical environment of the area is tired and unwelcoming. With the funds raised, we intend to make the area more parent and sibling friendly, encouraging parents and families to participate in the care of their new-born. We want to provide bright and fresh décor, including artwork that showcases past patient stories and parent journeys, to instil hope and comfort for families whose child is currently being cared for.

To fund this project we need to raise £4,000.

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