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UBV cabinet for phototherapy

The Dermatology Department at Wythenshawe Hospital currently has one UVB cabinet, which is used for phototherapy treatment for patients with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo, or renal and liver problems which can cause itchy skin conditions. The cabinet treats both children and adults, and hugely improves their quality of life by getting uncomfortable and often painful skin conditions under control by treating them with ultra violet light.

Patients normally have three sessions of phototherapy a week and any delay in treatment can hugely affect a patient’s quality of life, their social and emotional wellbeing, and in some instances can even affect a patient’s ability to work. Demand for this service is such that we currently have a waiting list of around 60 people waiting to commence treatment.

To reduce waiting times, and to make sure that we provide an optimum service to our patients, we want to provide a second UVB cabinet, which will make a huge difference to our waiting times and to the efficiency of the service that our patients receive.

To fund this project we need to raise £26,700.

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