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Here we share with you some of the stories from our hospital, and how Charity funding has and will help youngsters treated at our hospital. We appreciate everyone who reads this page and donates to our Hughie and Freddie Play Appeal. Thank you.

Your donations will help thousands of young patients across our hospital.

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Elijah, aged two-and-a-half, has an undiagnosed condition but suffers with an unsafe swallow. He has had various different feeding tubes and support to help him get the nutriants he needs, while our expert medical teams find out what his condition might be. Because his case is quite complicated he is regularly in and out of hospital.

Elijah loves his nurses, doctors and play team at Ward 84 but as an active toddler he also enjoys the chance to run around in the fresh air on the roof top play area.

His mum Tracey Cawood said: “He loves running around but obviously it’s quite difficult to do that on the ward. When he gets to go up on the roof top play area he loves it. He gets that chance to properly stretch his legs. He also loves spotting the ‘nee naws’ [ambulances] when they drive in and using the tractor toy.

“It’s a really special area for us and I know it means a lot to Elijah. But you can tell the area is quite old now and in need of a revamp. We’re really excited that this appeal will help to give it a new lease of life for many more children to enjoy.”


Penny, aged six, is currently recovering from surgery after being diagnosed with a type of brain tumour known as pilocytic astrocytoma. She too loves the chance to get some fresh air and a change of scene from her bay in Ward 78.

Her mum Elizabeth said: “When Penny first went on the roof she hadn’t had fresh air in 10 weeks. She was just like ‘wow’. Before her brain tumour she was a big fan of swimming and dancing so being active and outdoors was a big part of her life. It’s so well loved and used so it is definitely in need of a revamp. It will be so amazing to see it transformed.”


Brooke loved getting out to play on the roof top play area after he’d spent months being on a hospital ward. When he first arrive to the area in his wheelchair he said: “Mummy, this is the beginning of my healing on the inside. This is the best day.”

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